Strict rules to be imposed on Outer Ring Road – Commissioner Cyberabad

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Strict rules to be imposed on Outer Ring Road – Commissioner Cyberabad

With the purpose of Ensuring safety for all permitted forms of Transportation, Cyberabad Police bringing about driving discipline on the Outer Ring Raod(ORR). Commissioner Cyberabad today in statement said Reducing confusion and providing a comfortable passageway is their main target. In exercise of the powers conferred upon Hyderabad City Police Act, Sandeep Shandilya, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad notified the information to the general public.

The following rules for travelling on ORR as follows:-

  • The maximum speed on Lane 1 and Lane 2 of the ORR will be 100 KM per hour and minimum speed will be 80 KM per hour. (Lane1 is the one closest to the central median)
  • The maximum speed on Lane 3 and Lane 4 of the ORR will be 80 KM per hour and minimum speed will be 40 KM per hour.
  • The minimum speed on ORR will be 40 KM per hour. No vehicle is permitted to travel on ORR below this speed.
  • Faster moving vehicles should move in Right Lanes (Lane 1 and 2) and slow moving vehicles should move in Left lanes (Lane 3 and 4) within the above speed ranges. Heavy vehicles should move in Lane 3 or Lane 4 only.
  • All vehicles which change their speed shall have to go to the lane having the concerned speed range and No Zig – Zag movement between the lanes is permitted.
  • All vehicles wanting to change lanes as per the above speeds should do so only after using indicator lights and all precautions shall be taken while changing lanes.
  • No Vehicle shall stop on any of the 4 lanes of ORR.
  • No passenger vehicles shall stop on ORR and pick up passengers.
  • Pedestrians are not permitted to walk on any stretch of ORR.

  • All vehicles which have to stop for human or mechanical emergency will compulsorily take the following precautions.

  • Park on the extreme left i.e. service lane.
  • Switch on hazard lights/Parking Lights/ All lights to indicate to other vehicles.
  • Put up reflective signages/cones for emergency about 5 (five) meters on the rear of the vehicle and also in front of the vehicle.
  • Additionally, the following are banned on the ORR.

  1. Movement of any 2, 3 wheelers and 7 Seater autos.
  2. Wrong side driving.
  3. Entry from Exit Roads.
  4. Exit from Entry Roads.

          These rules will come into force from 23rd May 2017.  Traffic enforcement teams will be tracking vehicles violating the above norms and heavy fines will be imposed on violators. Any violations of these rules will be liable for prosecution under concerned sections of  Motor Vehicle Act. So any one who moves on ORR keep the above rules in mind and take a ride is better for their safety.


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