It is not Desirable to have disputes over Sharing of River Waters

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Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said that it is not desirable for both the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States to have disputes over sharing of river waters. “After all, farmers are farmers to whichever state they belong and their interests should be protected. Every one wants water but not disputes. Instead of making rounds around the courts, I will give preference to sit across the table, discuss the issues and settle them,” he said.

About 4000 TMC of water is available in Krishna and Godavari rivers on an average per year. We have think about utilising the water available but not get dragged in the disputes. When compared to Krishna, water availability is more in Godavari and every year about 2000 to 3000 TMC of water is going to the sea unutilized. In the Telangana State, steps are initiated to utilise more Godavari water and in AP too, Godavari water should be utilised to give water to Kosta and Rayalaseema regions. The Telangana movement took birth due to discrimination in sharing of the waters and for 60 years the Telangana has suffered due to this. We are not trying to rectify the things and are utilising the share of water as allocated to the State. As far as utilisation of the river water, scheme 1 and scheme II should be implemented. The Chief Minister observed that when there are no adequate rains and availability of water, how the sharing pattern should be and what will be the procedure when there are bountiful of rains and more surplus water is available. Two separate procedures should be planned. Maharashtra and Karnataka, the upper riparian States have constructed more Dams and projects on the rivers which have drastically reduced the inflows to the states down the stream and this is causing a lot of injustice to the lower riparian states. Hence there is a need to clarify how water should be utilised among the four riparian states and the Centre should intervene in this matter.


The Chief Minister spoke at length and in detail about the injustices being meted out to Telangana in the sharing of waters, irrigation projects, utilisation of river waters and the comprehensive water utilisation policy of the Telangana state with a Five member Committee headed by Sri A K Bajaj on utilisation water on combined projects between AP and T State at Pragathi Bhavan here on Wednesday.


Unending discrimination in the Irrigation Sector to Telangana region udder the United AP  State


“The Telangana Region has been subjected to untold misery during the United AP.  Under the Kakatiya dynasty, thousands of tanks, lakes and other water bodies were formed in the region. Under the Nizam’s the first ever irrigation project in the world took place.  Under the Nizams regime only with the then Composite Madras state, Nandikonda project was planned. The project was planned to be located 19 kms above the present Nagarjuna Sagarproject at Yeleswaram. For the then Hyderabad State 160 TMC, for Madras 60 TMC was planned. But when the united AP State was formed the design of the Nagarjuna Sagar Project is changed and engineer by name Dr KL Rao did lot of injustice to the Telangana region. He designed the project in such a way that the Right Branch canal which goes to Andhra get more water while the left branch canal which goes to the Telangana region less water. As a gesture of gratitude for helping the Andhra’s at the cost of Telangana, Dr KL Rao was elected unanimously as MP from Vijayawada. There are several injustices being done to Telangana and many Telangana projects were intentionally pushed into litigation so that they could never be progressed. Though projects like Bheema have the assured waters they were not completed. Every project is stalled with one pretext or the other. Sri Narendra Modi gave an assurance for the Palamur project during the electioneering and a GO was issued when Kiran Kumar Reddy was the CM. But yet the project was not completed and now after achieving the state of Telangana we want to complete it but again efforts are on to stall the project. At the same time the Andhra have constructed Pulichintala, Potireddypadu illegally and they are also construction Machumarri now. They are creating obstacles for the projects in Telangana. They wanted Hyderabad as the common capital but are opposing allocating drinking water from the share of the water,” the CM explained the problems faced by the TS.


Godavari water should be utilised to the optimum


In both Godavari and Krishna rivers both the States have about 4000 TMC of water. In Godavari itself we have about 3000 TMC. In Krishna we have 1200 TMC. 1000 TMC of water is needed for the Telangana State requirement and accordingly we are constructing the projects. In Godavari water we have about 954 TMC and we are planning projects based on this availability. We are utilising water as per our share and we expect AP to do the same. Instead of raising dispute over Krishna where there is less availability of water, we have to plan for the optimal utilisation of the water in Godavari.  It is easy to supply water to Kosta and Rayalaseema region AP through Prakasam and Somasila projects from the proposed Polavaram project site. If this is done the entire AP will become fertilise and I told this to Chandrababu. They have to think about it. Every year 2000 TMC of water is flowing into the sea. This year 3000 TMC went into the sea. It is foolish to raise disputes over 25-50 TMC when thousands of TMC is going waste into the sea. We want protect the interests of our Telangana farmers and this does not mean that we want harm to be done to farmers in AP. Ours is live and let live policy. This is the reason why we tried to have amicable relations with the neighbouring states. They bore fruit. During the peak summer season Karnataka government released 1 TMC of water and we have signed MoUs with the Maharashtra Government,” the CM explained.


Implement Scheme 1 and II


The CM said that for the four riparian states  Scheme II and I should be implemented. During the less availability of water what should be the sharing formula and when there is surplus water what should be the sharing pattern should be decided under Scheme I and II. The centre should intervene in this matter and justice should be rendered to all.


Water utilisation policy needed for the combined projects.


There should be a policy on water utilisation between TS and AP under the combined projects.  Operation Rules should be formulated.  In past there are no operational Rules for Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam projects.  Hence injustices being done to us.  Render justice at least now.  Give drinking water.  Take steps to stop water for the illegal projects.  Since water is allocated to Krishna basin from Godavari through Pattiseema, Telangana state should be compensated with proportional share in the Krishna waters.


Irrigation Minister  T Harish Rao, Advisors Rajiv Sharma and other dignitaries participated in the meeting.

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