GHMC to renovate Historical Kamans as Heritage Buildings

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There are lofty arches known as four kamans built in 1592 in perfect symmetrical scale, they are so imposing that in past a huge caparisoned elephant carrying a canopy could easily past through them. The building was stupendous. The char Kaman and the charminar form port of a conscious urban design scheme of Qutub Shahis.   Each Kaman had a different name and at least two of them had fork tails to narrate. The northern arch after crossing Madina Café is the machilikaman, arch with a fish as in olden times made of bamboo and a paper aeroplane were hung in the centre on every new lunar year as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. 

Eastern arch is the kalikaman from where royal magicians played the shahnai and drums 5 times a day on arrival of important visitors on special occasions.   Western arch was the grandest most significant called Kaman-E-Sehar-Battin (the arch of the magic breaker) leading to mittikasher the gateway leading to the fairy tale of royal palaces called mahals.

 Now this Kaman are besieged by encroachments with petty vendors such as jewellery, slipper shops and pearl shops encircling the Kaman-E-Sehari-Battin. Machilikaman is surrounded by perfume vendors, news paper shops etc., sanitary shop functions from kalikaman.

As on now the four kamans are being deteriorated  due to traffic and sound pollutions and also some plantations are grown on the arches worsening the situation.

GHMC has proposed to renovate and conserve these kamans due to historical and architectural importance and also graded as heritage buildings for conservation. Now an estimate of Rs. 1.77 Cr. has been prepared by conservation architects and sanctioned by Commissioner, GHMC. Shortly the work is going to be put to tenders.

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